Worst Apartments Worldwide we found online – Prepare to be Shocked! 😲

Top 5 Worst Apartments 2019
Top 5 Worst Apartments 2019

Worst Apartments Worldwide!

Just look at those!

Here are the Top 5 worst Apartment of 2019


New York City

Info: This New Yorker Apartment looks very tiny even for New York ,

but I imagine you will still have to pay a lot of rent to live there!


Los Angeles

Info: We weren’t able to find much information about this ,

only that it’s very very small and costs around 600$ a month in rent! This is just insane!

This is clearly a Worst Apartments Worldwide


Moskau (Russia)

Top 5 worst apartments

Info: We only know one thing this guy hasn’t got a Balcony so,

he probably brought in INDOORS!


Location: Unknown

Info: The only thing we can say for sure here is that this dude Smokes alot;

and his apartment looks like a total mess!


Berlin (Germany)

Top 5 Worst Apartments

Info: One Thing we can say is that this apartment is not at

all able to support life anymore, its way worse than all others combined!

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